Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ECCC Report Part 2

Let the cosplay parade begin!

These guys just grab the Betsy Mae books and posed with them. Cool!

After I got this pic of this rad Chewie costume, he lift the mask... he's actually one of my art pal from the artist alley! What a surprise!
Even Real Life Superheroes made it to the comic con. It was really cool to see Phoenix Jones and Pitch Black there.
This is just a small samples of cosplayer at the con. Thanks for all the people above for letting me take their pictures. They're all AWESOME!


Jason Martin said...

Always love your post con posts...
I'm so bad at taking pictures and what not.

Looks like you saw a bunch of costumes I didn't... but that Sucker Punch girl had to be one of the best!

Is there a third post, with commissions maybe? I know your commissions from last year were great!

I know you say Friday and Sunday were slow, but Saturday was a best day ever... so how was the overall con in terms of performance?
We had a lame Friday, great Saturday, and surprising (and rare) good Sunday... it beat out last year as best show ever (but not by as much as a third full day could).

Edward Pun said...

I only got a couple of commission pics... I totally forgot to do it this year. I try to post them later.

My best day ever was Saturday. Friday and Sunday were slow for me. Overall... I had a pretty good show considering I only put out one new product.

Always good to see you at the show!