Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Comic Book Day!

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Support your local comic store by purchasing a book or two and on your way out...grab some free comics. Click HERE for more info!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super Real Graphic Novel

I did a splash page and a short story for Jason Martin's Super Real a while back. Now, it's going to come out in his graphic novel! Here's a look at the splash page I did.Here's the official info:
SUPER REAL – graphic novel

220 pages, full color, 6x9, mature readers - $18.99

Pre order now – May Diamond Previews Catalog, page 280

DCD#MAY09 1018


Collecting the complete independent series recommended by Newsarama, Aint It Cool News, Comics Buyers Guide and many more. Super Real follows five people who sign million dollar contracts to get genetically enhanced for a reality show based on comic book superheroes. An over the top mash-up of reality TV and comic book fiction, that’s like Survivor with superpowers, or The Real World meets The X-Men!

Find out what happens when our cast goes beyond reality.

Features guest artwork from Jim Mahfood, Josh Howard, and more.

Now, go to your local comic store and order a copy or two!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


*UPDATE 5-3-2009: I saw the movie. Verdict: I thought it was okay. It have a lot of flaws and also feels like they try too hard to make everything fit with the other X-men movies. I did enjoy it as a popcorn flick. There you go.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch time sketch

Just doodling at lunch.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


An art project by Kacie Kinzer in New York, this robot can only go straight and have a flag which tells where it needs to go. It would get stuck on the curb or under benches and rely on people to put it back on course. You would think people would just stomp on it or take it with them... but people actually take time to help it get to its destination. It's such a neat experiment! You can read more about it here plus video....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Art Jam IV

Another Art Jam in Georgetown April 18th! Check out Seattle artists as they create artwork live and have a few drinks. Click on the flyer abover or HERE for more info.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 4

This is the loot I got from the convention. I know... it's not much... hey, I was busy at my table okay... so don't judge! 1. This is a short story plus sketches by Paul Soeiro. He came by my table and we chatted a little... before he left, he give me this book. That was very cool!
2. Sketch book and Preview of Pulp Girls by Jason Martin. Super nice guy, talented artist, and very knowledgable comic publisher.
3. This is the only book I bought at the show. Monsters and Dames is an art book by the guest artists at this convention. With the convention guide, you can go around and get the book signed. I got 12 signatures... which is not too shabby, I think. :)
4. I traded my Batgirl sketch to my friend Memo Diaz for this print. Awesome!
5. This is an official "Ghost Hunter: International" pin. A gift from a fellow artist Rich Schleifer. He knows I dig the paranormal shows. Thanks Rich!

For me, one of the best thing about this con is seeing all my art buddies. Some from working in the game industry... other just comic artists I meet through the years. Below is a sketch of Augie Pagan... he sat next to me and Memo. (Augie, hope you're not mad at me for doing this pic!)
And this is the last part my Emerald Con Report. I'm all signed up to do this again next year. So see y'all again at Emerald Con 2010, on March 13th and 14th. Peace!

Emerald Con Report: part 3

This convention, I tried something new at the table... doing commission sketches. There was pressure to do a good job right a the con. For a first timer, I think I did okay. I took picture of the sketches, that's why it look so bad and blurry. I adjusted it a lot in photoshop so if anyone got a better sketch, please send it to me.
This Confessor sketch was commission before the show. It was nice to get a little more time to think about it and noodle it. The client pick this up at the con so hopefully I'll get more of this type of commission for next year.

I drew Batgirl just to get people to look at my table. On Sunday, I traded this for a print from my friend and neighbor at the show... Memo!

Dust Bunny sketch is a gift for my comic pal Jason Martin (Super Real, Pulp Girls) for giving me a couple of his awesome sketch books.

Sketch from an original character from the client.

This is for a theme sketchbook... Lady Death.

Another sketch for theme sketchbook... Rogue.

This is another original character "Candy" by Molly Nemecek. This is updated using her scan of the original sketch. Thanks Molly!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 2

Here are few pics of folks that dressed up for the con.

"Luke, I'm your go clear your room!"

You can't get any light reflectors in Seattle now... thanks to this Ghost Buster.

Sorry Chewie.... I didn't see Han Solo at the con.

You can barely see it... but Kitty Pryde have a small purple dragon on her shoulder.

Pretty good Spidey outfit and he got the pose down!

Zombie damaged Resident Evil characters!
There are more people dressed up but these are the ones that walked in front of my table. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 1

I took Friday to prep for the convention. I got printer problem but I managed to work around it... got a few prints and buttons done. Which mean I got a little more items to look at on my table beside Betsy Mae #2. I also try to pack lighter this year. I got a collapsable crate which hold all the prints and comics. The side bag is for the drawing supplies and sketchbook. And one more bag for all my clear display stands. Didn't get much sleep that night but I got everything ready to go.
Saturaday morning, I arrived at the show and was stunned to see so many people waiting in line to get in. Later I found out that people waited 45 minutes to an hour before they got in the con that morning! It's great to see such a turn out.

I got to the show about an hour before the main doors are open and set up my table. Like everything, I just got done before the convention start and people rushed in. It didn't take long before a line of fanboys formed in front of my table.
It's not what you're thinking.... everyone lined up to see Mike Mignola! ;) Darth Vader (just a cosplayer) was right in front of me. I stood up and took photos of my area. Click on the pic above to see the larger version! It was the biggest and best show for Emerald Con!
Check back later for part 2!