Thursday, April 09, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 3

This convention, I tried something new at the table... doing commission sketches. There was pressure to do a good job right a the con. For a first timer, I think I did okay. I took picture of the sketches, that's why it look so bad and blurry. I adjusted it a lot in photoshop so if anyone got a better sketch, please send it to me.
This Confessor sketch was commission before the show. It was nice to get a little more time to think about it and noodle it. The client pick this up at the con so hopefully I'll get more of this type of commission for next year.

I drew Batgirl just to get people to look at my table. On Sunday, I traded this for a print from my friend and neighbor at the show... Memo!

Dust Bunny sketch is a gift for my comic pal Jason Martin (Super Real, Pulp Girls) for giving me a couple of his awesome sketch books.

Sketch from an original character from the client.

This is for a theme sketchbook... Lady Death.

Another sketch for theme sketchbook... Rogue.

This is another original character "Candy" by Molly Nemecek. This is updated using her scan of the original sketch. Thanks Molly!


Jakface said...

Hey Edward!

Here's a link to the full version of Candy you did for me:

I scanned it all proper. Thanks again for a rad job! :D

I'll totally add you to my blog as well!

memodiazart said...

Great documentation of the Con, Ed! And great sketches too.