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Mini comic game!

FTD comic game by pungang on DeviantArt

Load the high res file from DA then print it out.  Folding instruction is HERE.
Need 6 pennies to play. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beth Greene

Poor Beth.  We'll miss you.  :(

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Agents of Shield

Fan comic pages- Agents of Shield.

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Instructions for mini book!

Instructions to make a mini book with one sheet of paper.  This is one of those cool things I found on the web a long time ago.  If you search around, people have made other instructions and videos about this.  So if my directions are too confusing, look around for others, okay?

This origami book is super useful.  You can make; zine, comic, notebook...etc. The best part is, you can get it xerox on one side and mass produce books very easily. Be creative and give it a try!

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*Disclaimer...This is an unofficial storyboard for The Dark Knight Rises.  This is just an idea I have for Batman to show up in the end battle with Bane. 

Spoilers ahead.

The thing that bugged me about the ending is how Batman just walked up to Bane.  Since Bane never believe Batman is effective and sees right through his "theatrics"... I think Batman coming in this way would be nice to show how wrong Bane is.  Also Bruce Wayne wants Batman to be a symbol, so this approach would also help re-enforce that goal.

The other reason this might work better imo is that most of the Gotham cops have been on the run or living underground.  I would think Bane's men have (at least) some training with League of Shadows, better rested, and armed with assault rifles.  The cops really have no chance in this fight.  Batman would feel more of a hero if he helps out in this way.  There's also nice contrast from the top of the film where Batman is a fugitive and now leading the cops.

Well, that's my pitch. Hope you like it.  :)

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Fan art for Impaler by William Harms.

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DIY Dice Tower

Finally got around to try this out. I made a dice tower out of card board box. Took about half an hour, using X-acto knife and a metal ruler... that's it. No tape, glue, or anything.

Here's the top, looking down. I only put in two boards for the dice to bounce off of.

At the bottom, I cut an opening for the dice to roll out. It works with all size of dice. For first one, I think I did okay.

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Deathlok V2

Second design for Deathlok on the TV show, Agent of Shield.  *This is just fan art! I obviously didn't good too crazy with the design.  Holding true to the style of the TV show by keeping most of the costume real world items.

As it turns out, his face plate is under his skin which was established in one of the episode.  So, for this version, I imagine he would get into a fight and his left side of his face scrapped up to expose the metal underneath.  The design is still TV budget sensitive (instead of spending the money on a CGI leg), I would spend it on the face makeup and a new vest.  Other then that, I'll reuse what is already made like the gauntlet and the rest of the costume is basic tactical military gear.  Silver rings around the arm and leg hint at the cyborg implants.

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Helping hand

"Thank you" to the doctor and nurses that took care of my mom last week... and to Yuan Tan (Cantonese interpreter) for talking with my mom and help ease the tension, while she waited for op.   The littlest thing made a huge impact for her.

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USA Today interview

Another interview with William Harms for Shotgun Wedding in USA Today!

Also, first issue of Shotgun Wedding is out today.  Check with your local comic store and get your copy!

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Shotgun Wedding ECCC

If anyone going to Emerald City ComiCon this weekend in Seattle, stop by Top Cow's booth.  I'll be signing my book Shotgun Wedding, along with William Harms (writer) at Friday 12pm -2pm and Saturday 2pm-4pm.  I might also be in the panel at Top Cow panel, Sat. at 11am.  Come by and say "hi" if you are there.

FYI... this is actually the original pitch cover to Top Cow.  I'm glad it'll see print at the very least at ECCC.

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IGN interview

IGN interview with me and William Harms for Shotgun Wedding.

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Sherlock vs Elementary

For the record, I like both version of Sherlock Holmes.  :)

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Deathlok- TV version

I saw the new Shield (TV show) version of Deathlok (bottom left) and was not satisfied with the design.  I totally understand this is a TV show and it doesn't have a crazy budget to invest into a side character, still it could have more resemblance to the original source material without going over budget.

So my take is to use about the same amount of material and details.  For about the same cost (imo), I went with a vest design to be more in line with the comic character.  Instead of showing the mech arms and leg (which is expensive CG), I use silver/metallic trim to hint at the cyborg implant underneath the clothes.  The face plate I feel is critical part/look of Deathlok, which I feel should be part of the final design.  Okay, the face plate is extra cost and not ideal to hide J. August Richards face... but it could also come off doing the non-combat moment, right?  It wouldn't hurt to give him a gun either.

Below is photo from Shield TV show (left) and the comic version (right) for comparison.
It's possible that the show will continue to evolve the character to be more like the comic version.  We'll just wait and see.

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Shotgun Wedding on CBR

Interview with William Harms and I for Shotgun Wedding!
Check HERE to check it out.

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No jaw

Morning warm up sketch.

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Pre-order at DCBS

Shotgun Wedding is now available for per-order on DCBS at 40% off retail price!

Check it out HERE!

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In the news: Shotgun Wedding

Here are couple of links about Shotgun Wedding.

Officially, the books will be in store April 2nd.  Get the Diamond pre-order code from the link below and tell your local comic book store to order a few copies!
Press Release

And just put Shotgun Wedding as a new book to look out for in April!
April comic books