Saturday, June 07, 2014

Deathlok V2

Second design for Deathlok on the TV show, Agent of Shield.  *This is just fan art! I obviously didn't good too crazy with the design.  Holding true to the style of the TV show by keeping most of the costume real world items.

As it turns out, his face plate is under his skin which was established in one of the episode.  So, for this version, I imagine he would get into a fight and his left side of his face scrapped up to expose the metal underneath.  The design is still TV budget sensitive (instead of spending the money on a CGI leg), I would spend it on the face makeup and a new vest.  Other then that, I'll reuse what is already made like the gauntlet and the rest of the costume is basic tactical military gear.  Silver rings around the arm and leg hint at the cyborg implants.

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