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Ochre Jelly

I got the D&D Essential Kit and crafting a few things for the game. Came up with a quick way to make some Ochre Jelly monster. Here's how you do it...

I got couple of different sizes of glass pebbles. I flip them over and color the flat under side with Folkart "color shift" yellow paint (this adds a little bit of shimmer). The yellow color shows through at the same time, keeps the transparency of the glass so it's more jelly like. Super quick and easy to make. Got all supplies from Michaels and don't forget to use their coupon to keep cost down.

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Paper minis

Wendy's made a free TTRPG Feast of Legends but it didn't come with miniatures so I made some paper ones.  You can make them too by printing the file on card stock. Cut out and fold.  That's it.  Have fun!

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