Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Deathlok- TV version

I saw the new Shield (TV show) version of Deathlok (bottom left) and was not satisfied with the design.  I totally understand this is a TV show and it doesn't have a crazy budget to invest into a side character, still it could have more resemblance to the original source material without going over budget.

So my take is to use about the same amount of material and details.  For about the same cost (imo), I went with a vest design to be more in line with the comic character.  Instead of showing the mech arms and leg (which is expensive CG), I use silver/metallic trim to hint at the cyborg implant underneath the clothes.  The face plate I feel is critical part/look of Deathlok, which I feel should be part of the final design.  Okay, the face plate is extra cost and not ideal to hide J. August Richards face... but it could also come off doing the non-combat moment, right?  It wouldn't hurt to give him a gun either.

Below is photo from Shield TV show (left) and the comic version (right) for comparison.
It's possible that the show will continue to evolve the character to be more like the comic version.  We'll just wait and see.

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