Thursday, April 09, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 4

This is the loot I got from the convention. I know... it's not much... hey, I was busy at my table okay... so don't judge! 1. This is a short story plus sketches by Paul Soeiro. He came by my table and we chatted a little... before he left, he give me this book. That was very cool!
2. Sketch book and Preview of Pulp Girls by Jason Martin. Super nice guy, talented artist, and very knowledgable comic publisher.
3. This is the only book I bought at the show. Monsters and Dames is an art book by the guest artists at this convention. With the convention guide, you can go around and get the book signed. I got 12 signatures... which is not too shabby, I think. :)
4. I traded my Batgirl sketch to my friend Memo Diaz for this print. Awesome!
5. This is an official "Ghost Hunter: International" pin. A gift from a fellow artist Rich Schleifer. He knows I dig the paranormal shows. Thanks Rich!

For me, one of the best thing about this con is seeing all my art buddies. Some from working in the game industry... other just comic artists I meet through the years. Below is a sketch of Augie Pagan... he sat next to me and Memo. (Augie, hope you're not mad at me for doing this pic!)
And this is the last part my Emerald Con Report. I'm all signed up to do this again next year. So see y'all again at Emerald Con 2010, on March 13th and 14th. Peace!

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Anonymous said...

Your artwork rocks! I love all the stuff you drew while at the Con. That was such good times!