Monday, April 06, 2009

Emerald Con Report: part 1

I took Friday to prep for the convention. I got printer problem but I managed to work around it... got a few prints and buttons done. Which mean I got a little more items to look at on my table beside Betsy Mae #2. I also try to pack lighter this year. I got a collapsable crate which hold all the prints and comics. The side bag is for the drawing supplies and sketchbook. And one more bag for all my clear display stands. Didn't get much sleep that night but I got everything ready to go.
Saturaday morning, I arrived at the show and was stunned to see so many people waiting in line to get in. Later I found out that people waited 45 minutes to an hour before they got in the con that morning! It's great to see such a turn out.

I got to the show about an hour before the main doors are open and set up my table. Like everything, I just got done before the convention start and people rushed in. It didn't take long before a line of fanboys formed in front of my table.
It's not what you're thinking.... everyone lined up to see Mike Mignola! ;) Darth Vader (just a cosplayer) was right in front of me. I stood up and took photos of my area. Click on the pic above to see the larger version! It was the biggest and best show for Emerald Con!
Check back later for part 2!


Anonymous said...

That was really a terrific show Edward. Thanks so much for the initiation, it was great to see so many people having such a good time. I'm glad you were able to get the printer issues worked out, sigh. So fun! Hope you weren't too tired at the end of Sunday.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Great to see you there Ed! Yeah , were part of the crowd that waited for about an hour at the opening, was really fun though. We even met Wesley Crusher.

Read thru Betsey Mae last night too, great storytelling as always! I really enjoyed it. Plz let your daughter know too that my fiance loves her buttons I bought for her, and she got many compliments on them.

Edward Pun said...

Rhonda- So happy you and Kumari went to the show and got good feedback from everyone. Your book is going to be so awesome!

Bobby- Good to see you too! Thanks for the kind words on BMB. :) I will pass along your message to my daughter. Her buttons sold more then mine! Maybe next year, you should get a table too? Hee hee.