Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ECCC report part 2

I only have a few new things for this con. So I focused on doing convention sketches and that really saved the show for me this year. Here are some of the sketches I worked on.
As I finish a sketch, I would use my digital camera to take a picture of it for my record. But you can see it didn't really work out... the quality is pretty bad and it took a bit of photoshop tweaking to get to this stage. So for the people that got a sketch from me, I would really appreciate it if you can scan your sketch and email it to me. There are about 3 sketches that I didn't get picture of so it would be great if I have scans of those as well. Pleeeease?
Doing sketches at the convention is like doing theater improv. You have to put on a performance right on the spot....no rehearsing. It got even trickier when your client request a character that you don't know. Lucky for me, they used their iphone to google the character for my reference.
Below are comission sketch covers that someone sent me right before the convention. That really helps me out cause I actually have some time to prep for it. This is also the first time I sketch on a comic cover.

Next post, it's everyone favorite... COSPLAY PHOTOS!!! XD


Anonymous said...

YES!!! its only Brock f***ing Samson

Anonymous said...

BROCK!! Love it!

Awesome work as always Edward!

Edward Pun said...

Yes, you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, not sure if you check your comments very often. I'm the guy that had you do the Monarch and I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic sketch.

It's framed and up on my wall right now, but when my university work load starts to calm down a little I will scan it and email it your way.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the con.

Edward Pun said...

Thank Anonymous! I'll look forward to seeing the scan.

My early post should read, "Yes, THANK you guys! :)" me bad.