Sunday, March 14, 2010

ECCC report part 1

Whew... just finished two days at Emerald City ComiCon. Here's the view from my table.
Looking straight ahead, I see the yellow balloons. (I think that booth is for the unofficial Big Trouble in Little China comic sequel.) Turning right, are the guest comic artists tables. The artists alley is pretty big and the other exhibitors are in the middle of the convention hall. It's pretty packed during most of the show. On the opposite side of the hall are the media guests. Only celebrity I saw were Lou Ferrigno, Erin Gray, and Thomas Jane. Didn't see Stan Lee or Spock... uh, I mean Leonard Nimoy. :( Ninty percent of the time, I was behind my table.

Here's all my stuff on the table. I only have couple of new things so I focused on doing convention sketches. My table was right next to a group of art buddies which made it easier to chat with.

Memo and Kristin, his finacee were on my right. They really help me out by reminding me to take pictures for my con sketches and to point out the cosplay folks when they're near us so I can take pictures. :)

Suzanne and Karin were on my left. Thanks for the pockey and rice cracker snacks! You rock!

EGO and Augie around the corner next to Memo. And finally....

Scott and Lawrence! This is Lawrence first time behind the table. Hooray!

There were other folks I know all over the artist alley. That's one of the fun things about doing the cons... you get to see all your art friends and chat with everyone!

Next post will be my con sketches. Oh boy!

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