Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dark Lady

My daughter had a nightmare recently and she wrote up a description of the Dark Lady.

"Dark Lady -wears a Victorian style black dress made of a silklike material. With puffy sleves about half way down the upper arm with the rest of the sleve a tighter fit. Black flowers decorate around the top of the skirt line and spareingly mixed in with the folds of the skirt. Also at top of the left shoulder (where the sleve meets the bodice) ther is a small bundle of black flowers trailing (very slightly) towards the collar bone. Carries a bundle of cloth (with both hands) like a bouque made of the same material as the dress. The veil is black and there is a cluster of black roses near the back of the veil adding volume to the back layers of the veil. Many more layers in the back then the front. Front only just enough layers to obscoure the face. Wears Mary janes with black stockings. Along with black elbow gloves running underneath the dress."

So this is my version of her.


Marcellis said...

I love this! I've been away from your blog too long!

Edward Pun said...

Hi Marcellis! Glad to see you stopping by. :)