Sunday, April 08, 2012


Two weekends, two great conventions. First was the 10th Emerald City ComiCon. I didn't get a table at the show but did show up on Sunday to walk the floor.
The word is on Saturday, the attendance was WAY UP. People couldn't get into the show at some point because there was too many people on the floor. Next year, we might see the show floor expanded. I'm so glad this con is doing so well and its right in my back yard. It's all about comics and I hope it stay that way. With so much to see and friends to talk to... I only took one cosplay pic. Harley, you just makes everyone laugh. :)

This weekend was Sakura Con, their 15th year in Seattle. This con have a different crowd. Younger perhaps, but most fans dressed up as their favorite anime or manga characters. Below are just the tiniest sample of cosplayers at the show.

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