Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spooky Sammy

Way back when I started doing the comic convention thing, I made a character named, "Spooky Sammy". I made a batch of little mini comics to sell for 50 cents each plus a few prints. She was a cartoony character and her ability was to be able to see monsters and talk to them. They would help her out in some way, usually to get back at someone that wrong her some how.

Anyway, this pic is an updated version of that character. If I bring her back, it'll probably a horror comic book.


2 Ply Parachutes said...

sweet. did you ever do an actual comic for her? cool stuff.

Edward Pun said...

Thanks 2 PLY! No. I never made a full size comic of her. I actually tried but I found it really hard to write her story. So, I gave up and try other ideas instead.