Sunday, September 26, 2010

JCCS Report

I had a good time at the Jet City Comic Show. It's their first show and only for one day... so it wasn't as big as ECCC. All the exhibitors were up front and all the artist/comic creators are in the back. I got a pretty good table facing the front so there were more traffic for me.

Just few cosplayers that came by the artist alley. I wish I took more photos... but I was just too shy to ask.

I did average amount of sells of Betsy Mae comics and did a few convention sketches. The one above is a She Hulk sketch.

First time ever, I did some portrait sketches. One of the Knights of Solaris stood in front of my table while I worked on the drawing. His armor was really cool and was a challenge to put all the details into the sketch. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the sketch before he left. Right after that, a lady want a sketch of her in the Wonder Woman outfit! While it was fun to do portraits, it was also a little nerve wrecking because you're drawing the client... standing right there! I really hope they like their sketch!
*UPDATE... here the pic of the sketch. Thanks Jesse!!

Final note....I had a good time at the show. It was a little slow in the beginning, got busy in the middle of the day, then got super slow toward the end. I didn't sell a lot overall.... probably broke even. The good side is that everyone have breathing room (artist table was long!) and people can take their time to look at books and talk versus the big conventions can get super crowded and hectic. Bottom line for me, it was really great to catch up with all my friends and talk about comics... and finally, a big THANKS for everyone that stop by my table!

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