Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zombie Pages

About a month ago, I tried out for a horror anthology book but it didn't worked out. Since I did some work on it, I thought it'll be interesting to post my process. This 8 pg story was written by William Harms (Impaler & Dead or Alive). I read through the script and layout all the pages.

Not very pretty at this stage. I just need to figure out how to arrange the panels and where to put the word balloons. After that, I start thinking about the characters and how I want to render the art to best fit the story.
Above is a two panel teaser that I whipped up. I tried to do it more painterly but it didn't feel solid enough. But I like the energy of the quick strokes. There's a certain chaos and madness to the line work which I thought would fit the story.

Below are the first two pages. Page one is probably the most finished. I was half way through page two when I got word (from the guy that put the anthology book together) that I didn't get the job.

It was a good experience working with someone else script. In the future, maybe I'll have another opportunity to work with Mr Harms on a different project.


Greg said...

Hey, it's the guy with the Monarch sketch again. I should have that emailed to you soon enough.

Other than that, I am loving the character design on this. Any plans on finishing the demo even though you didn't get the job? Looks bad ass.

Edward Pun said...

Hi there Greg. Glad you like the design.

I'm not going to finish the pages but I do have other comic projects in the works... so stay tune.

2 Ply Parachutes said...

Harms mentioned something about this. PLEASE GOD SAY YOURE WORKING ON looks really fucking cool. Your style is perfect for it.

Its asking me to type in the word "Cralox" never fails. This word verification shit cracks me up. Its always got the ring of some villain from a superfriends cartoon. Cralox sounds like Mxyzptlk's cousin. Or maybe one of Darkseids henchmen.

I challenge you to do your next sketch of "Cralox". Whoever the f**k he is.

I'm going to stop typing now.

Anonymous said...

Holy crud Edward!! This stuff is awesome! You are indeed The Man.

p.s. Agreed about Cralox. Mine isn't anywhere near as cool, sounds like an ointment of some sort.