Friday, March 19, 2010

ECCC report part 4

Here are the shwag I got from the con! A) Color sketchbook and print by Jenny Frison. The paintings are fantastic.
B) Sinbad, Rogue of Mars. Got this comic at the freebie table.
C) Soft foam heart. This is a promo item for the Repomen movie. Also got this on the freebie table.
D) Plush bunny with a switch blade. This is a character from a web comic, Sluggy Freelance.
E) A panda t-shirt by Pandaline.
F) A print and full color art book by Memo Diaz! Good stuff!!
G) Monsters & Dames, artbook put out by ECCC. Got bunch of autographs from the show.
H) Pockey and rice cracker snacks from Karin Madan. They are yummy... thanks, Karin!
I) Last Kiss comic was a trade with John Lustig.
J) Super Real graphic novel by Jason Martin. I did art for a short story in the book and got some comp copies.
K) Dallas McCoy comic. I did the cover art for this issue zero. :)

I think I got a pretty good haul from the show. Probably a good thing that I stay behind the table most of the time cuz I would've spend tons of money buying more art.

I single this cosplayer out cause she actually said she might dress up as Betsy Mae for next year. How cool would that be! Hearing that really made my day. Fingers crossed for next year.

Closing thought... This is a great con and it's going to expand to a 3 day show for 2011. I'm thinking long and hard about if I should get a table again. The quality bar in the art alley has being going up and each time I'm not bring too many new things to the table. So if I'm doing it next year, I really need to focus... get a new issue of Betsy Mae out and make some new prints.

Thanks everyone that stop by my table. You are the reason why I come back year after year and what makes going to the con so much fun. Hope to see you all again next year!


Brian Meredith said...

You better be at the show next year, Edward... it just wouldn't be right if didn't.

Anonymous said...

Betsy Mae costume would rock. I am telling ya!