Tuesday, December 15, 2009




Meganwantz@yahoo.com said...

Hey Edward!

My name is Megan Wantz and I work for FUEL Brand Network (check out our site at fuelbrandnetwork.com) I really would like to feature you in an article for illustration and spread your work to our readers. I was hoping that I could interview you via email? I really love your work and would love to hear from you!



dragonlifter said...

Hello Edward, Are you a Hayo Miazaki fan? the posture of your snow man reminds me of the fire deamon from "Warriors of the wind" (IE Nausica).

Edward Pun said...

Dragonlifter: Yes, I'm big fan of Miazaki. Now that you mentioned it, you're right... it does look like the the same posture. If it face right, it'll be more so. ;)