Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the?!

I found out today, that someone used my fan art of Rorschach (made it a pin) and selling it on Ebay. So I emailed this person and hopefully he'll take that auction down. Funny thing is, this person is also selling other pins from other IPs (Intellectual Properties). The seller calms that it's a "fan tribute only".... but the thing that makes it not just a "fan tribute" IMHO is charging for the buttons. Hey...I'm not a lawyer so I could be totally wrong.
Anyway, if you ever see someone's artwork being sold on ebay or whatever, please let the original artist know!
*UPDATE 1-14-2009 The auction is closed. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord! Whatever happened to common sense out there? Yeah I fully understand the fan thing but as soon as money enters the picture that argument is lost. I hope they take that down Edward; how uncool is that?

Marcellis said...

Whoa, crazy. Sadly, I'm more amazed that you even found the auction than that it happened. Lame. Glad it's down though.