Friday, November 21, 2008

Storm Chasers

There's this show on Discovery called, "Storm Chasers"... basically bunch of folks driving around and try to collect data on tornados. One guy on the show made a armor vehicle called, "TIV" which stands for Tornado Intercept Vehicle. His goal is to drive into a tornado and film it for a documentary. That's half the fun of watching, to see if he can do it.


leslie said...

YOU *SO* ROCK EDWARD! Totally awesomeness!! I love it!!!

leslie said...

hey E- when did you change the layout to your portfolio site? Looks nice! :)

Edward Pun said...

Thanks L.... I just gave my site a face lift about a week ago. I cleared out a lot of the old artwork and simplify somethings... but it all works the same. :)