Tuesday, November 11, 2008

James Bond

I thought Daniel Craig makes a pretty good James Bond. I have my doubts at first... but Casino Royale was a fun flick. Yes... the ending was a little wonky but overall... it was entertaining.


leslie said...

You captured his lip pout and distinct ears! ;)I think he is the best Bond- next to Sean Connery of course.

Where do you find the time to do all this extra art. I am soooo jealous!
:) Great job as always.

(now you have to do a StormChasers pic!)

Edward Pun said...

Actually, I was thinking about a Stormchaser pic the other day. Just have to wait and see.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen QoS yet Edward? I really quite enjoyed it, and I haven't seen Casino Royale yet.

Edward Pun said...

Rhonda- no, I didn't get to see QoS yet! I'll try to catch it this weekend. You got to rent CR!!