Friday, August 01, 2008


I was inspired to do this fan art because I saw this site... Totoro Forrest Project. It's a fund raiser to save the Sayama forrest which is Miyazaki's inspiration for the "Totoro" film... one of my all time fav animation.


leslie said...

Way cool E! He's so cute!I saw the link to the Tororo book on the Drawn! blog. Awesome stuff.

Sho said...

hey man, that's a wonderful piece , if it's an original you should email Dice and have it in the show .
he'll love it

Edward Pun said...

L: Thank for the kind words. Totoro is all about cutness!

Sho: Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I emailed Dice but they have enough submission so I'll support the effort by purchasing the book instead.

Hooray... people actually look at my blog. I'm happy!

Jason Martin said...

I've seen many magical Miyazaki's (mostly his newere ones) but not this one... need to correct that!

Really nice work here.