Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olympia Festival sketch part 2

Here's the last sketch from the show.

When things were really slow at the festival, I got up and walk around. When I got back, this guy was by my table reading Betsy Mae Bite. It was perfectly normal... I encourage folks to flip through my books. But this guy took his time and read every single page. Didn't even say "hi" or anything... just stood there and read. Well, since he's there, I got out my sketchbook and drew him.... and no, he didn't notice. After he read BMB, he grab the Atomic Lead and read that one too... all 74 pages! After that, he went to another table and did the same thing.

The moral of this story... be polite. Or someone might write what you did on their blog. :)

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Jason Martin said...

That's crazy (especially the part about doing it from table to table!!)

I had a kid read the whole Gnome at Emerald city, and then when he was done he felt guilty and said, "Well, if there was gonna be another issue I'd buy it, even though I read it already"
and I said something like "you never know" but told him if he wanted it I'd give him a discount...

I know it happens at the comic shop, or store, but at a con?
Ha ha