Saturday, May 17, 2008

Emerald City ComiCon Report

The Emerald City ComiCon was really fun this year. Instead of the stadium, they wisely held it at the Washingtion State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle. Bigger show room + ton of guest artists + good location + good attendence (even on Mother's day)= great convention. Here's a panoramic view from my table in the artist alley. It's only about 180 degree tho...
You might find a famous person in there if you can reconize him. ;)

Here's what I had on my table. I really didn't have too many new things to sell.... I made two new buttons, Atomic Lead #3, and sketchbook; Manga Toonz #2. The really cool things was Betsy Mae Bite still sold really well considering this is the second year I sold the issue #1. There were at least three people that came by asking for BMB #2! Don't worry folks... BMB#2 is in the works. Now on to some fun photos!

Here's Flash running to my table. Nice costume... well constructed... but perhaps a little too tight. ;) But the best costume goes to....

Supergirl! The cutest Supergirl in the whole con. Notice the hand position on the hip and that smile... she's a natural! More folks dressed up but I didn't get them on camera.

General note... it was slow in the morning as people rush to check out the mainstream/popular stuff. As the day goes on, people slowed down, took their time, hang out, and chat. Very mellow and not too crowded in the aisle. Anyway....Thanks for everyone that stopped by my table and hope to see you again next year!

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