Sunday, September 02, 2007

Comic stand

I went out to Bad Girls Antiques (in North Bend, WA) and got this old school comic stand. I remember checking out Spiderman or the JLA in the grocery store on this type of comic rack... and all the comic cost only 25 cents. For a buck you can pick up couple of comics and a pop. The rest of the day was all about going on a fantastic adventure with you favorite super hero. Well, I probably showing my age but those were the "good old days". The store always fill up the rack with whatever comics were shipped to them. So you would get a mix bag of comics everytime. It was so neat to discover new titles... but if you are collecting a specific book.... then you're out of luck. Anyway, back to the comic stand...

As you can see here, these are the bearings that rotate the rack. It's a bit rusty and squeaks... but a little WD-40 should fix that. I probably do a more deep cleaning with a tooth brush a little later.

The top sign is the biggest problem. The rust got into the white area and I'm not sure how to get the it out. Anything I do to rust will remove the white paint too. The good new is the lettering is uneffected so the text stands out really well. I'm looking forward to finish clearning it out and filling with comics. A little piece of childhood just came back home. :)

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Jason Martin said...

Ha ha!

Yep, the spinner rack.
Too true about finding ongoing issues... my parents did landscape maitnence, which meant the drove around large sections of town, and I remember them picking me up copies of Rom when I was big into that, from other area Plaid Pantry's etc

Then of course, as I got more into them, I'd tag along to check out all the stores for new stuff/finds...

Then the comic shop was born... queue the angelic music! ;)

Good times