Saturday, July 21, 2007

Comic available at

A while ago, I did a four page story for Frame Works. The story is split, where one story happens in the sky and at the same time, another part happens on the ground. It's my first ever colored comic pages... I thought it turned out okay.

You can download the entire book for FREE at This site is pretty cool and lots of other comics and books to download at no cost. You do need to register with them to get the download. The comic is split into two part because of the length and I think I'm in the second part (Frame Works part 2). Since it's free, just download both! (Frame Works part 1) :) If you want the actual comic (The comic is full color at 50 plus pages.)... the book will be available at Indy Planet ... you can also purchase Betsy Mae Bite #1 at that site too (shameless plug).

Here's the first page of my story. The text is not there but you can see how the story begin to split off.

Click HERE to download this story and others for free.

Hope you like it.

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