Thursday, May 10, 2007


Can't stand it anymore... so I finally broke down and did another Heroes fan art. I took reference from this week's Entertainment Weekly cover and move HRG and Claire around. Also added the cheerleader outfit... this is the point in the story where Claire is not too happy with her dad.

It's pretty cool how the story is building up to the finale. It'll be really cool to see everyone together and have a big climatic fight in the end. Well... that's what I'm hope for. ;)


Eka said...

I'm such a dork for Heroes. Man, it's been an amazing first season. Craaaaazzzyy! Claire's pose is dead on Ed. It shows her emotional state well.


Jason Martin said...

Wow Ed, as Eka said, you really nailed this one!
Very nice!!

Tita said...

Vaya! sabes soy super fan de Heroes y de verdad que esta illo te quedo super! nice illo Ed.

wow! you nhow i´m fan of heroes and realy that illo its super!