Monday, February 19, 2007

Betsy cover comp

Here's the cover for a book I'm trying to get out for Emerald ComiCon. It started out as a three page story for Slam Bang anthology book. This will be an expended stand alone story about 24 pages. There's still a lot to do.... so I hope I can get it done in time.


Jason Martin said...

Go Ed go!
Hope you get it done!!

Whatever happened to Scarlet Fields?

Lookin forward to ECCC!

The SR Special is out in shops starting tomorrow.
I'll get you some comps at the show...
(and don't forget to bring my run of A'OK!!!)

Edward Pun said...

D'oh! I was hoping you'll forget about the A'OK books. Okay... I'll bring it.

Only thing happen to Scarlet Fields is.... I change the name to Betsy Mae Bite. :) That one and Atomic Lead is at the printer right now so both will be at the show!

Looking forward to seeing ya at ECCC... it'll be fun.

Jason Martin said...

Ahhh, you tricked me!
(Guess I missed the UFO cow abduction in the background)...