Thursday, December 28, 2006

X-mas presents!

I got this Hellboy Ouija board for my office exchange present. This is my best office gift.... EVER! I'm a big fan of Mike Mignola's work and all that paranormal stuff... so this is like, two gifts in one. Thanks, Bill R.!

This Locke figure by McFarlane Toys is a present to myself. ;) I saw this in a toy store and I just got to have it. The details and likness are incredible. Unfortunately, there are only a few joints; the head and arms tilts a little.... that's it. But if you're a Lost fan... you got to get it. I want to get Hurley and Jack next!
So that's just a couple of neat things I got on X-mas. Anyone got any cool loot?


Jason Martin said...

I bought myself a copy of Mangaka America via Amazon... a nice oversized color book with several rising US manga style creators, including Felip Smith (issue 3 variant artist).
I'm looking forward to that.

e.pun said...

Yeah... I saw that book at B&N. It looks pretty cool!