Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Comic review for Point Pleasant #2

There's a review for a comic I worked on last year... HERE. I did the interior art (pencil and ink), story by Chad Lambert, and cover by Ryan Scott.

You can order the comic and check out the 5 page preview... HERE.


Jason Martin said...

Alright Ed!

They don't credit you in the header, but at least they have kind words for your stuff man!

Good looking work! (Though I prefer your manga stylings to traditional, you just seem to come across more natural in that zone, and to the reviewers credit, it's clear you've got major chops!)

Now, got a copy to sell me?
(and are you really gonna make me chase down A'ok on eBay? I've investigated it, and it can be done!)

e.pun said...

Yeah... I know they didn't use my full name in the review. Oh well... he did have positive thing to say so I'll let it slip. ;)

As for A'ok... It would just be a total waste of your money to spend on ebay to get it. I'll bring you a copy at the next Emerald con if you really... REALLY want your eyes to melt from the horrible art. You are warned, sir! ;)

Jason Martin said...

Come onnnnn Ed!
Do you really expect me to believe it's THAT bad?!?

But no, I can't wait til Emerald City con... that's next April!! Sheesh
Name your price buddy.

Any update on Scarlet Fields?