Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Super Real sketch

One of the cool thing about going to the con, is to meet other artists. At the Emerald con, I got to talk to Jason Martin Of Super Real comic. He's a really nice guy and we drew in each other sketch book. Above is the sketch I got from Jason... check out my Perry Platypus on the hat. :)

Jason also dropped off a few copies of Super Real #2 with my cover art! That was the first time I saw it in print. Inside is a interview of me.... god, I hope I don't sound like a dweeb. If you see it in the comic store, please pick it up. For more Super Real action... check out Jason's site and blog!


DarkMarc said...

Cover kicks ass!

Jason Martin said...

Hey Ed!

Thanks for putting up that sketch (even though I didn't like it myself too much... I owe ya a better one)!

It was way cool seeing you at the show, and I look forward to SDCC and more time catching up. We'll have to talk about that.