Saturday, March 11, 2006

Scarlet Fields:cover comp

Scarlet Field is a comic that I hope to finish up and be out sometime this year. I wrote, pencil, and in the process of inking it. Haven't done a whole book like this in about 10+ years. Allen Freeman is going to color it.

This is the first comp for the cover. There's going to be lots more tweaks and addition to the art.

Fan-Atic Press is publishing the book!


Joe Kresoja said...

nice one ED.

Jason Martin said...

Very cool cover (of course you already know I like your cover chops!).
Will you have any of this available (at least to see) at ECCC?

Looking forward to next weekend!
(Plus we'll get you your comp copies!)

e.pun said...

Glad you like it.

Sure... I can give you a sneak preview. The goal is to try to finish it in April so it could be printed up for San Diego Con.

Looking forward to ECCC too. It's going to be good times. :)