Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A'OK... NOT!

More then 10 years ago, I drew a 4 issue mini-series called, "A'ok." The first issue did okay, but the other three... didn't do so good. I was a rookie and bitten off more then I can handle. Let's just say... its not my best work. Plus, back then... I did everything by hand (lettering, talk balloons, air brush cover) even the tones were cut with an x-acto blade. Now that's old school.


bartholomew said...

Holy shit...no kidding. I want to see this dammit!!! Please! Perdy please!

=shane white= said...

HHAHHAHAH...oh man EDWARD PUN'S A'OK. Wow dude.

I want to Shane White's _________(insert comic title here some )day...heh. That's cool man. SOoooo when are you going to quit all this silly gaming shtuff and get more comics done, hmmmm?;)


e.pun said...

What the heck are you talkin' about, Mr. White?! You got a freakin' full color graphic novel (North Country)!!

As for doing comic full time... that'll have to wait till after I will the lottery. :)