Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Astro Boy

For Christmas, I got the complete series to Astro Boy. This is the updated verison of Tezuka Osamu's classic series. It ran in the US for about a month before it was cancelled. So the only way to see the whole story is to get this dvd set.

I remember this character from my childhood. Back then, I have an Astro Boy model kit. The model only have two joints, one for each shoulders and that was it. It was stuck in the flying pose but I love it anyway.

This sketch took about two hours including coloring in photoshop.


illust8r said...

Cool E! We spent too many hours and $$ in B&N the day after Xmas and bought Tezuka School of Animation Vol.1-learning the Basics and Vol. 2 Drawing animals. I didn't know he was the artist behind Kimba the White Lion! My very favorite cartoon ever!

e.pun said...

Yeah... he's pretty awesome. He also did a cartoon/manga about a family of golden robots with antenna on their head with long hair.

He's da man. :)